Pit stop in Boston

Halifax ---> Boston

The Journey

From Halifax to Boston consisted of irving coffee, starbucks coffee, Robins coffee and an overnight with some classic Barbeque, beers and a fire. And of course.. The same playlist that's been going since we left St.John's due to lack of data and storage on our phones -- im voting to switch back to CD’s and Tapes --  
We drove for 6 hours to Saint John NB after stopping to buy a full cooked chicken at Dominion and butchering it down in the parking lot for some road sandwiches. Once again, sandwiches are the key to success on road trips. We were meeting a friend in New Brunswick who lived next to the US Border and offered us his lawn for camping and a BBQ for fuelling.  
The next morning we strapped in for another long journey of 6ish hours on the back roads of Maine, the land of abandoned houses and 2 lane highways. Once we hit Boston we were about 17 miles from our destination which was an hour drive due to traffic. After basically 45 minutes of moving an inch at a time we exited the main road and found our airbnb that was just outside town.


When driving into major cities you phone may say its a 4 hour journey but always add an extra 4 hours. Even if you just stop to Fuel up.. trust me.. 



Boston City 

Staying in Boston was a last minute decision so the night before we went on airbnb and lucked into a lovely room that was a 20 minute train ride into the city - With parking !!!
We settled into our room which was almost like a classic bed and breakfast where theres a bunch of rooms booked out in the same building. The room had a fire place, a beautiful white linen bed and a desk with some space to hang our belongings. Each bedroom had a passcode on the door which made us feel comfortable leaving our belongings while we went out for the day. Across the hall was a very clean bathrooom and the kitchen was fully equipped with everything you need to make a meal. Check in was 6 pm which was a little late but the 1 pm check out makes it easy to get organized and enjoy your morning without feeling rushed.
The only downside was that when we went to watch Top Chef Canada it wouldn't let us access it in the United States..

GetAway House 

I booked Getaway House an hour and a half outside the city for James’ birthday and couldn't of been happier with the result. I found Get Away on Instagram one day and when i clicked and saw their reasonable prices and amazing cabins i couldn't help but book one. What i saw online and what i saw in person weren't even comparable. As soon as we pulled in the “driveway” we were drawn in by all the names on the cabins such as “Shelby” “Homer” “Alice” etc -- all common names for people. We were staying in a place called Rose and it was tucked a little in the woods so we had privacy which was nice. It almost felt like you were staying in a camper but once you got inside it was like a small cabin that had everything you needed.
With electric facilities , drinkable water and a gorgeous white linen bed that overlooked the woods -- we were set for an evening of relaxation. We were greeted with a lockbox for our cellphones to “ disconnect “ and an activity book with things to for those who arn't used to being away from social media. After 2 years of being with James i actually learned some new things with their “ get to know your partner “ section of the activity book! Thankfully it wasn't some dark secret and were continuing out relationship!
The Get Away team left us a greeting note wishing James a happy birthday and they somehow knew the way to my heart with complimentary S’mores.
The night consisted of a hike along the river, some nice wine, a meal cooked over the fire and ended with S’mores under the stars and cards.

I would recommend this to anyone breathing.
It was amazing.
Seriously.. I might go back when i'm in Upstate NY.  



Post sandwich and granola bars we ended up in Boston and dropped our bags and ran to the city for food. Hungry or not - this is always the first thing ill do. Even when i wake up in the morings ive already planned out breakfast before getting out of bed. I swear i go to bed dreaming about peanut butter and oats.

We zoomed into the maps and saw a street that looked busy enough and figured we’d find a tavern around there to get a beer and a snack before heading to a restaurant. Only minutes off the subway in the pouring rain we found  Stoddard's Fine Food and Ale  and walked inside to find every TV showing the Boston Bruins playing the Toronto Maple leafs. I promise it wasn't planned. Sitting at the long wooden bar staring with wide eyes at the massive selection of craft beer in front of me id say i was the only one in the building not looking at the game.
With a cold sour cherry beer and a white Allagash we were ready to look at the food menu. Their selection was both rustic and publike with lamb tartar and fresh pretzels while staying classy with fresh oysters and seared scallops.
After a long debate the oysters won due to the fact that they were sourced locally and we wanted to leave room incase we found a few more restaurants. They had all sorts of mignonettes and sauces but i went with the classic lemon and ate them all in under 60 seconds.  

Click or Swipe or the Left for delicious food pictures --> 

Where this was a last minute addition i didn't really have time to plan out my own food tour but thankfully one of the Chefs back at home recommended going to the Townsman. Thank you James Sarafinchan. The meal was everything your promised and more. When i first walked up to the restaurant i wasn't sure what to expect with its simple apparence on the outside. But as soon as i sat down at the raw bar i was given a menu that reflected the season followed by maple butter and brown bread i was happy.
I always sit at the raw bar because the chefs are my favourite people to talk to in the restaurant. We were lucky that the women working on garde manger was friendly and was happy to share her opinions and tricks to the city with us. We ordered the Cold squid salad, Burrata and spring peas and duck confit with rhubarb and kimchi. Everything was outstanding and right before we could order more food the kitchen came out with a fried brussels sprout salad that had just the right about of acid to fat with a mix or crunch and chew. After getting a recommendation of where to head next for a beer from the kitchen we ordered the rye and chocolate ice cream and hit the road.

Dining in the woods 

Although it wasn't anything fancy - theres something about a meal cooked on an open fire thats hard to beat.
We went to the market and whole foods - because its my personal playground - and picked up some veggies , tenderloins, butter and wine. Basically everything you need for a night around the fire right ? The picture of our hand crafted menu says it all.  
The next morning we cut up some oranges and fried off some of Nans moose sausages with some eggs to fuel up before hitting the road.

Not sure which meal was better honestly.
Probably Nans moose sausages. ( we took them from home frozen and have been waiting all week to eat them… bringing them in homes to put in the fridge along the way and keeping them in the cooler between destinations )