Generations Of Deliciousness January 20 2019


Generations Of Deliciousness January 20 2019


Join me for a class where ill pass along the recipes my mother, grandmother and great grandmothers taught me as a child. Everything from the bread my mother would make with me at the age of 4, the tea buns my Nan uses to cheer me up and my Grandmothers butter tarts that I learned wearing her robe and slippers in the kitchen.

So far my classes have been based on my travels and experiences but this time id love to share where my passion for food came from!

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The class will start at 1 pm and will run for roughly 3 hours

  • Lunch will be included

  • Bring comfy shoes or slippers as you'll be on your feet most the time but always have the option to pull up a chair!

  • Recipes are sent out after the class so everyone gets a digital copy

  • You don't have to be an expert to attend! These classes are for everyone and anyone who loves food.

Any additional questions please contact us