Introduction To Bread - Nov 24


Introduction To Bread - Nov 24


Fall in love with the feeling of kneading fresh dough on the countertop in our bread class this winter! Homemade bread can be intimidating - especially if your mother and grandmothers bread was flawless like mine growing up. Recipes can vary online, the hand written ones passed down the family with “ a dash of salt and enough flour until its done “ can definitely be vague, so its helps to have someone next to you that can stick their hands in your mountain of flour , water and yeast to tell you that its perfect!

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The Class will start at 3 pm and will run for roughly 3 hours

  • Dinner will be included

  • Bring comfy shoes or slippers as you'll be on your feet most the time but always have the option to pull up a chair!

  • Recipes are sent out after the class so everyone gets a digital copy

  • You don't have to be an expert to attend! These classes are for everyone and anyone who loves food.

Any additional questions please contact us