The French Boulangerie Cooking Class November 3rd


The French Boulangerie Cooking Class November 3rd


Join Alexandra Blagdon in a cookery class that brings you to her favourite Boulangerie's and patisseries across France. From the Small shop that made the crunchy baguettes to the French country loves and the best Pain au chocolat she could find on the streets of Paris. Get the authentic hands on experience as you shape your baguettes and learn the secrets behind puff pastry. Before you know it you'll have an espresso machine in your kitchen and telling your friends to “ do as the French do “ while you enjoy a baguette a day.

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  • The class will start at 1 pm and will run for roughly 3 hours

  • Dinner will be included

  • Bring comfy shoes or slippers as you'll be on your feet most the time but always have the option to pull up a chair!

  • Recipes are sent out after the class so everyone gets a digital copy

  • You don't have to be an expert to attend! These classes are for everyone and anyone who loves food.

Any additional questions please contact us