ST.JOHNS NFLD 09/28/18

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ST.JOHNS NFLD 09/28/18


Since i’ve been back home in Newfoundland my excitement has developed into A new opportunity - “Dinner with an Artist”. In the woods covered in canvas showcasing that artist work sits a large dining table. I’ll serve a 5-7 course meal for everyone including the artist while she talks about the art in the room. Giving the artist a chance to showcase their work in a unique way.
Come join me and local artist Shelby Millwater with some soon to be friends for dinner roughly 15 minutes outside St.Johns. This meal is inspired by some of Shelbys sensational work which will be taking over the space you’ll be dining in, engaging all 5 of your senses, bringing the contemporary experience to the next level.

Don’t miss this underground dining experience like no other.

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- The location will be announced a week prior to the event via email to those joining us.
- Non - refundable
- Certain allergies may not be avoidable ** Please email and ask before booking
- Artists work will be available for purchase