At 8 years old Alexandra Blagdon fell in love with cooking. Her culinary adventure started with apple and ham omelettes for her mother and mastering the easy bake oven. For the remainder of her elementary school life, she made all sorts of creations - which included a cheesecake business at one point  that turned over zero profit but always made enough to provide another cheesecake. Little did she know this was the life of a chef at any age!
She attended Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland which focused on fresh produce and respect for all ingredients. With the luxury of having 100 acres of organic farm land came harvesting the vegetables and milking the cows. They truly embraced the farm to table mentality which inspires her to forage here in Newfoundland.
Shortly after culinary school, she went back to Newfoundland to join the kitchen at The Reluctant Chef. They would create a 5 course tasting menu that changed bi-weekly and was redesigned to accommodate any food aversions. While working directly under the chef in a kitchen the size of a closet, she learned a wide variety of cuisines and skills that would follow her throughout her career. 
After a year at The Reluctant Chef Alexandra moved to Tuscany, Italy to work at Villa Bordoni. Surrounded by olive tries and vineyards, Villa Bordoni focused on traditional Italian dishes with a modern twist. Throughout her stay she focused on making fresh pastas, picking fresh figs and lemons in the back yard, tasting the varieties of olive oil, and enjoying all things food and wine.
After experiencing the authenticity of food culture in Europe she couldn’t stop travelling and cooking in various countries. Creating experiences for guests in Canada, Italy, France, New York, Croatia, etc. vowing not to stop until her tastebuds fall off!

The Canadian land allows travelers to experience the familiar in the unfamiliar. “I hope that everyone visiting Newfoundland leaves feeling like they just left home,” said Blagdon when I reached out to her weeks after I returned to my home in New York. I had called to ask her what makes Newfoundland such a unique place, and upon hearing her answer, I was momentarily homesick.
— CNN Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown - Author Stacey Lastoe